Some say that we produce games, others that we create alternative realities. We call this "quest", realistic experiences. In the prison of magicians the spells open the doors and in the house of Holmes the bullets cross them. Here you will not be mere spectators, but you will have an arduous job: in some cases you will have to save London and sometimes your own life. To carry out these missions you will have a limited time, different depending on the mission.

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It is not the usual, boring friends gathering without any action. An active play for any day no matter of the weather.


Know your teammates for REAL, and you will exactly know where you have to improve real life, team and fun challenge, better than any assessment center. 8 teams against each other: 33 people in the same time.


A perfect birthday present, that actually WILL be remembered. You will know your date, much better than going to cinema.


Amazing experience (Taty Hunter)

The guys from Maximum Escape Barcelona continue to excel in each new experience they bring to us. As always, this label accustoms us to having an incredible atmosphere, in fact I think that this goes beyond the setting, it is a recreation of such fidelity that it seems that it transports us to the world that they have created to live this experience.

100% Immersion

Maximum perfectly controls the lighting and the sounds in such a way that as the end of the game comes you notice that you are in tension, accelerated, hysterical, and that little by little, and without you noticing, it has caused that impressive atmosphere who has the game. It makes you isolate yourself from everything and concentrate totally on your mission.

10 out of 10

I would like to start with a very good review of the room, decoration, enigmas, presentation, everything excellent, the game master was lovely. The game is very complete, you have to be very attentive from the minute one, I could say that it is in the ranking of the numbers one, without a doubt we will play all of their rooms.

Live your own adventure! (Riddle Beaters)

We know what to expect from Maximum: not the typical game, live your own adventure with a game of an exquisite atmosphere, games of maximum interaction with the environment and around the plot, making understand what happens in each moment to be able to continue the game.

Maximum Escape is quality guaranteed (Ocioterror)

Without padlocks, great immersion adapting perfectly the puzzles and the setting to the plot, with entertaining and varied challenges and a good story that serves as the guiding thread.


How can I contact Maximum escape?
You can contact us by telephone to the numbers 933180155 or 931380648, or via email at booking@maximumescape.com, as well as on social networks. You can also contact us on Whatsapp at the number 653303424.
Why can I not make a reservation for a game?
It can be due to server failure or due to incompatibility with your computer, as well as due to website maintenance. You may wait for a few minutes and try again. If you are still unable to make a reservation, contact us and we will help you.
What is the minimum time in advance that is needed to be able to make a reservation?
There is no minimum time in advance required in order to make a reservation, although we appreciate if you contact us at 933180155 or 931380648 if you want to book with less than 2h in advance in order to allow our team to prepare your game adequately.
Where do the games take place?
It depends on each game. You can find the description page of each game on our website. Make sure you check the right address, as looking for us up on online maps may take you to the wrong establishment.
How many people can play in a game?
All our games are designed for a minimum of two people and up to a maximum of four. In “Vault 27”, a minimum of three players are needed, and the maximum is five. Under no circumstances we will accept more people per game than described above. If you are more people than the established limit, you can divide into two teams and play different games.
How is the payment of the game done?
Our games will be paid at the corresponding establishment and once you have played your game.



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