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adventure rooms

You already know what an escape room is, go a step further and experience now the intense world of adventure rooms. Forget about the game, this is a damn real experience! No padlocks, no timers… don’t think about how an astronaut would act, be an astronaut! Let the rain wets you, let the aliens caress your hair and the thunders shakes you. Stop wondering what it would be like to be inside a movie. and come to create it by immersing yourself in our new concept of rooms.

Are you ready to face an alternative reality?

Stop playing, live!

it’s all about emotions


Live an authentic adrenaline explosion. Experience what you never thought you could get to live.
Form your team and join the adventure!


This is not a chess match. You're going to stain your hands. Your intellect is only a part of you. Get up and get ready to sweat the shirt.


If you have ever wondered how you and your team would behave in extreme circumstances, it is time to find out. Test your confidence in them and also in yourself by facing a limit situation.


Much Fun

Really unique and fun


Super immersive.

Immersive Room

Impressed with the sets, immersions, and game play

Simply Amazing

It was like being in a movie.

Incredible Experience

By far the absolute best

Attention to Detail

A truly breath taking and involved game