How can I contact Maximum escape?
You can contact us by telephone to the numbers 933180155 or 931380648, or via email at booking@maximumescape.com, as well as on social networks. You can also contact us on Whatsapp at the number 653303424.
Why can I not make a reservation for a game?
It can be due to server failure or due to incompatibility with your computer, as well as due to website maintenance. You may wait for a few minutes and try again. If you are still unable to make a reservation, contact us and we will help you.
What is the minimum time in advance that is needed to be able to make a reservation?
There is no minimum time in advance required in order to make a reservation, although we appreciate if you contact us at 933180155 or 931380648 if you want to book with less than 2h in advance in order to allow our team to prepare your game adequately.
Where do the games take place?
It depends on each game. You can find the description page of each game on our website. Make sure you check the right address, as looking for us up on online maps may take you to the wrong establishment.
How many people can play in a game?
All our games are designed for a minimum of two people and up to a maximum of four. In “Vault 27”, a minimum of three players are needed, and the maximum is five. Under no circumstances we will accept more people per game than described above. If you are more people than the established limit, you can divide into two teams and play different games.
How is the payment of the game done?
Our games will be paid at the corresponding establishment and once you have played your game.
What is the minimum age required to participate in the games?
Each one of our games has a minimum age requirement. You can check such requirements on our website, in the description page of each game. Depending on the game the minimum ages are 5+, 8+ or 14+. Maximum Escape reserves the right to request identification to verify the age of the participants.
Is it necessary to have at least one adult in the team to play a game?
Yes, in all our games it is necessary that at least one of the players is of legal age. This person will be responsible for the underage members of the team, signing the necessary documents at arrival. Maximum Escape reserves the right to request identification to verify the age of the participants.
Is there any medical consideration in order to play?
The majority of our games require a minimum of physical agility, and thus it is not recommended if any of the participants suffers from a condition that limits his or her mobility. In case of pregnant women, cardiovascular problems or epilepsy, we recommend to call us to advise you which game is more adequate given the circumstances.
Can I use objects that I bring with me?
The use of any electronic device is totally forbidden during our games, as well as any object which can make light or any object which was not found inside the game. Upon arrival, you will be asked to leave all your belongings in the lockers provided for such purpose. Similarly, no water or food can be taken inside the game (they can be left in the lockers).
Can I change the date of my reservation, cancel it or modify it?
You may change the date of your reservation at any point. In order to do so, you have to make a new reservation for your desired date and cancel the previous one. You can cancel your game from your Maximum Escape account, or by calling us at 933180155 o 931380648. Given that the price is independent to the total number of participants, it is not necessary to inform us if the number of participants changed, as long as the minimum and maximum number of participants permitted for each game is respected.
How much time in advance should I come to the establishment?
Take into account that all team members must arrive at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the game in order to be able to start your game on time. The indicated time on the website corresponds to the beginning of the game, not to the time of arrival at the establishment. If you are late, time will be taken from the total time to play in order to ensure that the following games are not affected by the delay. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, the game is cancelled automatically.
What happens if someone from the team wants to quit the game?
We are supervising our games constantly, through cameras as well as audio. If a member from the team wants to quit the game for whichever reason, he or she only needs to say it out loud and clear. Likewise, if all the team members wish to abandon the game for whatever reason, you only need to say it. Please, take into account that you have to make clear if you wish to abandon the game.
Can we play if the person who did the reservation can not come?
Of course, you only need to tell us the name of the person who made the reservation.
What happens if the game is interrupted?
Once started, if the game is interrupted willingly by the players, the total cost of the game will be charged.
Which clothes are more convenient to play comfortably?
We strongly recommend to bring informal and comfortable clothes, as well as flat shoes. We do not recommend to come with skirt, suit, high heels or flip-flops. If you wear glasses, do not forget to bring them. In Vault 27, people with long hair must bring a rubber band in order to tie it
How long do the games take?
The duration of our games varies depending on the game. You can find the corresponding duration of each game on the game description in our website.
What is the difficulty of the games?
It depends on the game. Given that our games are not classic Escape Rooms, it is complicated to establish their difficulty. However, without any doubt the most difficult room we have is Vault 27, and thus it is recommended to play it once you have played at least 10 Escape Rooms. The other games have a similar difficulty.
Is there any parking nearby?
As both of our establishments are located in the city center, finding parking spots can be complicated. However, there are several parkings in the area. One of them is open 24h a day and it is located in Urquinaona square, close to both establishments.
We are a group of more than 12 people, how should we make a reservation?
For social groups (such as birthday celebrations) and corporate groups (team buildings, afterwork events) you can contact us using the contact form that you will find in the section “corporate” from our website, or send us an email at booking@maximumescape.com.