Have you consider to start a escape room business in your city?

We love what we do and we are so confident that our product is so good that we are ready to expand and franchise to your city.

We are open to any proposal of partnership and ready to discuss various formats of cooperation. Our goal is to make the best quests in the world, in different countries and cities, ad we are eager to move forward together with the people coming our way.

We offer different partnership possibilities and B2B products from global solutions for franchising under Maximum scape brand (with a minimum of 3 rooms) to partial solutions for companies which are already running a scape room and willing to add value to available games by fixing, maintaining or adding new devices to your existing games.

Please contact us at and tell about yourself (please do not forget to specify the city you are from) — and we shall contact you and find a way to do something together.

Will you be the first city to franchise Maximum Escape?