“Live the greatest space adventure ever dreamed”

After years of research, scientists from the Ulysses project are ready to launch it to the stars in search of alien life. They just need one thing: you.

The greatest space adventure ever lived is about to begin. You dare? Gather your team and go on board the Ulysses heading to outer space. You will travel cryogenized and, if you treat her well, the advanced artificial intelligence of the spaceship will take care of everything. Realizing the greatest desire of man is in your hands.

What are you waiting to achieve glory? Face a new room concept and burn your names on the pages of history. "The truth is out there".
  • 2-4

  • 60Minutes

  • medium

  • español, english


Humanity is moving into space at a pace too slow for its real capacities. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson dream of space flights limited to our Solar system only, flights to nearest neighboring planets. But mankind deserves more than that! We might have to reach the other edge of the galaxy, but we will find our space brothers and come into contact with them. Our children will live in the interstellar space, not confined to the few known planets!

Project Ulysses was started 12 years ago and has been kept a low profile all this time. Now it's time to speak up about it. All these years a group of eminent scientists, worked hard to advance the breakthrough to the outer space. Not constrained by the ethical restrictions and commercial principles, they succeeded in developing the technologies of prolonged anabiosis and constructed a spaceship equipped for a centuries-long journey.

The top technology of Project Ulysses is the spacecraft's artificial intelligence. Its IQ is 100 times superior to combined IQs of Siri and Google Assistant. It is so smart that can in a split second find solution to any problem that the spaceship and its crew may encounter. It is the first AI that surpasses the human intellect, it's a real electronic Albert Einstein.

Right now Project Ulysses is recruiting volunteers for the interstellar mission, a manned spaceship will fly to the stars to find extraterrestrial life.

Chances are that YOUR name will be written in golden letters on the title page of the history of the human race.

There is a narrow pass ⌀ 56 cm.
Prohibited for people with a cardiac stimulator.

  • 2–4

  • 60 Minutes

  • medium

  • español, english


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