Vault 27

Minimum age: 12+ years old with parents, 16+ without

  • 3-5

  • 90 Minutes

  • hard

  • español, english


A nuclear war has wiped out most of the humans on Earth. Only a lucky few could survive. You are among them. Now is your chance to go back to the surface. But it isn't as easy as it sounds! Unfortunately, a series of catastrophic problems will keep you captive in Vault 27. Will you be able to get back to the surface? Your future is in your hands!

In Vault 27 we have built a room escape of a new generation. Hyperrealist. Hypertechnological. We wanted to go a step further, and we managed the impossible. This isn't your average room, so the game time has been increased to 90 minutes. A completely interactive experience where you will have no choice but to be completely immersed. An hour and a half of pure adrenaline that will surprise you in ways you would have never thought. Intelligence is vital, but that won't be enough to survive the nuclear apocalypse. Your agility, your bravery and your astuteness will be the key to your survival.

If you want to see the surface again and be a part of the new civilization, be prepared, as this is the most difficult game of Maximum Escape. Can you get out of the vault before the life support runs out? Prepare yourselves for this 90-minute challenge where both your mind and body will be tested! You will have to master many futuristic weapons! Never before seen technologies! If you are misfortunate enough, you might even have to face assassin robots! The apocalypse awaits you!

You can't face the apocalypse without being ready! Come with comfortable clothing and shoes! And don't forget your bravery and determination! You are going to need it!

This is Vault 27, a 90-minute room so difficult, it surpasses anything you've done before. Recommended for experienced and well-coordinated teams in the number of 3 - 5 people. Don't let the end of the world catch you unprepared!

Agility is required.
Prohibited for people with the cardiac stimulators.

  • 3-5

  • 90 Minutes

  • hard

  • español, english


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¡Experiencia única en el mundo!

Llevamos más de 30 escapes realizados y tenemos que decir que esta aventura es única en el mundo. Está hecha con la pura idea de divertir a quien la juega. Estarás completamente a oscuras, pero el game máster también forma parte del juego de una forma especial y hará de la experiencia algo inolvidable. ¡No es un juego de terror, así que no te de miedo de reservar por el nombre!

Alicia Sabadell


I have to say that I do not usually leave opinions, but this time I had to do it because the Vault 27 experience is worth it and the role of the game master is incredible. In this escape the collaboration of the game master is very important and the joy and enthusiasm of the guys at Maximum is essential. The Game Master not only helped us out of the shelter, but also showed us the details of the room once the game was over and treated us with an impressive love.



We had very high expectations and we were not disappointed! It is simply spectacular, wonderfully set and with some epic moments. Special mention to our Game Master that was wonderful, very fun and an important part of the team! If you have not done it, do not think about it anymore. You will love it!

Sandra Barcelona

It's worth every euro paid!

Escape that we were a bit conditioned since they spoke very well of it and we expected a lot from this room. And so it was, a game with a great immersion that left us impressed!!! I recommend it 100%. It is true that the price is higher than the other games, but when you finish the escape you realize that it is worth it and that you have spent a very entertaining and fantastic time! The GM is perfect! He made the game even better. Thank you MAXIMUM!!!


The best escape I've played

We made the escape from Vault 27, set in the world of Fallout and the truth is that without exaggeration is the best escape I've ever done. We have done about 20 and few rooms and this surprised us pleasantly. The puzzles are different from anything we have tried before and the truth is that the setting is so good that it seems that you really are in a post-apocalyptic underground shelter. Although the price is higher than the other Maximum games, I highly recommend it, as I doubt anyone will be disappointed in this room. No doubt when we can, we will repeat with these people because both the Game Master that we played (great attention and we were fully immersed in the game, a 10 for her) and the way it is set up made us all have a great time late. Thanks for the experience!



Metal everywhere, nooks and crannies to slide through, devices to manipulate, weapons to wield ... and some very final surprises very Hollywood movie. Spectacular and absolutely immersive.


The best ever!

Whithout any doubt Vault 27 is the best game from Maximum and I am almost sure that from Barcelona too. Fully set in a bunker, original proves, and spectacular final, I have never seen anything like that. It's worth paying what it costs. 100% recommendable.


Greatest Room Ever

By far, the best experience I ever had into a room.


Super Experience

It was really an immersive experience.


Amazing Room

Our expectations were met and exceeded.

Jeff Eanes