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Your City: Barcelona

Prisoners of Alkaban

Have you been asking yourself since your childhood, where has all the magic gone from this world? We know the answer – all mighty magicians are locked up in the most dreadful and impregnable of all prisons, the Alkaban. The only chance for you to get there is to become its prisoners. And you’ll only have one hour to become magicians - or to mount the scaffold.

60 - 80

2 - 4

+34 931 380 648
Carrer de Trafalgar 17, 08010 Barcelona

Game languages: EN, ES, RU

We have built a real magical prison, the first one in the world – the Alkaban. Magic is thick and tangible in the air here. You think, you have no problem anymore escaping any prison in an hour? Then dare to get out of Alkaban, full of mighty creatures and spell powers!

This game will require from you not only a witted mind, but also skills and courage. The quest is fully automated, it is controlled by magical artificial intelligence from entrance to exit doors. You’ll have to puzzle out the situation, gather self-confidence and take action, sometimes despite your fears. This is the only way to make the guard of Alkaban to let you pass.

You’ll have explosions, alchemical transformations and real monsters in Alkaban. This will not be just 60 minutes of adventures, but a boost of positive magic energy for a whole week to come.

From 8 years old. Children from 8 to 17 years old can only play accompanied by at least one adult.

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